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Sponsor Awards

The Utah Scottish Association Highland Games & Scottish Festival has many opportunities to sponsor Bagpipe and Drumming competition awards. Become a sponsor of the Utah Scottish Festival & Highland Games and help us continue the tradition of preserving and promoting our Scottish heritage in Utah. Sponsoring each award costs $500. With the $500 option, you get a ticket to our festival. If you choose to donate $600 you will also receive a VIP ticket. 

The awards available to sponsor are listed below.

Best Grade 4 Pipe Band

Best Grade 5 Pipe Band

Best Grade 3 Pipe Band

Best Grade 2 Pipe Band


Aggregate solo winner Grade 5 Bagpipe

Aggregate solo winner Grade 4 Bagpipe

Aggregate solo winner Grade 3 Bagpipe

Aggregate solo winner Grade 2 Bagpipe

Aggregate solo winner Grade 1 Bagpipe

Aggregate solo winner Grade 5 Drumming

Aggregate solo winner Grade 4 Drumming

Aggregate solo winner Grade 3 Drumming

Aggregate solo winner Grade 2 Drumming

Aggregate solo winner Grade 1 Drumming

Best mid-section

Click HERE to sponsor one of these awards at the $500 level.

Click HERE to sponsor one of these awards at the $600 level.

Donations are 100% tax-deductible. Your name will appear in the festival program (if donation is made prior to program printing) and on our website for the year. Award sponsors will also be announced during the award presentation. You can make the donation in the name of a loved one, a business or yourself.