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Piping & Drumming

The Utah Scottish Festival & Highland Games is now accepting
band and solo registrations!

Please click on the following link to register:


Online entries are available through May 20th, 2022.

Late entries will not be accepted.

Please contact Jeff Mann if you have any questions mannjeff@outlook.com.

John Wilson, Piping - RSPBA
Robert Worrall, Piping - PPBSO
Donald Lindsay, Piping - EUSPBA 
Jim Sim, Drumming - MWPBA

Donald MacLeod Piping Workshop

On Saturday, June 11, 2022 after pipe band competition (approximate time 4:00 p.m.)  John Wilson will be presenting a Donald MacLeod workshop after the band competition.  This workshop will prove to be a once in a lifetime free event. 

Drumming Workshop

Jim Sim, President of the
Midwest Pipe Band Association will be presenting a drumming workshop
on band set up, Saturday, June 11, 2022 (approximate time 4:00 p.m.
after pipe band competition) Coming out of Covid, this will be
important for drummers, and he will cover bands grades 5-2. 

Ensemble Workshop Bob Worrall will be presenting a band ensemble workshop on Sunday, June 12th, 2022 (approximate time 4:00 p.m.) after Pipe Band Competition. This workshop will be an important one for both pipers and drummers. They will not want to miss.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to increased interest in the workshops it
has been necessary to make changes to the schedule!

 1. All Piobaireachd contests will be held on Friday Afternoon
 2. GRADES 4 and 1 light music will be held on

 3. Grades 3, 2 light music will be held on Sunday
 4. Grade V bands will do QMM on Saturday and MSM
on Sunday

 We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience but in
order for the workshops to work it has been
necessary for scheduling!

 Please contact Jeff Mann at mannjeff@outlook.com if you
have questions.


The Utah Scottish Festival is offering band competitions for grades 2-5. Band competitions will be held on Saturday and Sunday afternoons. Bands are eligible to receive:

prize money
performance fee (travel money)


All amateur grades will be offered on Saturday or Sunday morning:

Piping grades 1-4 (piobaireachd and light music events in each grade)
Snare grades 1-4 events in each grade
Amateur tenor and bass grades events in Novice and Intermediate
Practice Chanter and Practice Pad
Drum Salute
Midsection contest
Drum Majoring (All aspects)

We take pride in running a well-organized and efficient event. We are located in the heart of WUSPBA, it's a great place for bands and soloists from all WUSPBA branches to gather. Online entries are available through May 20th. Late entries will not be accepted.  Please contact Jeff Mann if you have any questions mannjeff@outlook.com


Solo Events:


Saturday: Light Music Grades 5,3,2/ Piob Grades 4,1


Sunday: Light Music Grades 4,1 / Piob Grades 3/2 

Band Events:

A Midsection Contest and Drum Salute Contest will be held. Additional information will be coming.


Grade 5 – Quick March Medley
Grade 4 – Medley
Grade 5 – MSM
Grade 2 – MSR

*Note: This band schedule is subject to change with grade 5 depending on possible grade 3 bands


*Possibility of Grade 5 events on Sunday depending on grade 3 contest
Grade 4 – MSR
Grade 2 –Medley

Further band and solo information will be coming soon.

 Come join us!




Jeff and Lezlie Mann

Co-Chairs Piping and Drumming

Utah Scottish Festival and Games