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St. Patrick's Day Parade & Siamsa

Saturday, March 12, 2022

The St. Patrick's Day Parade returns to Salt Lake City.

The Utah Scottish Association WILL be marching in the parade this year. You do NOT have to be a member of the Association to march with us. We welcome all enthusiasts of Scottish culture to join us. 

We are entry # 65. Please see below info from the Hibernians regarding lunging up, etc. 

Mark your calendars!

There is some information on the Hibernian Society website: Hibernian Society Of Utah (irishinutah.com)

Who's ready for



After two difficult years, I think we're all ready to get out, sport our best green & have the best party of the year!

We welcome you to the 42nd annual St. Patrick's Day parade & if this is not your first time, welcome back but don't get cocky, note some important changes this year.  

A list of all parade entries is attached & will also be posted on our website along with a map of the event area & road closures, map of the Siamsa festival area, & map of staging area with parade entry staging locations  (https://www.irishinutah.com/parade).  


All entries should plan on arriving at the lineup area between 8:30-10am.  


Road closure signs, police officers, and Parade Marshals will be stationed at each entrance to the staging area.  PLEASE NOTE, your parade entry number dictates which entrance you must use to gain access to the staging area and lineup spot.  If you arrive at the wrong staging area entrance you will not be permitted to enter, you will be redirected to the correct entry location.  Please ensure drivers know their PARADE ENTRY NUMBER, PARADE ENTRY NAME so Marshals can direct you appropriately.

Entries 1-27 and Entries 55-78 Must Enter Staging Area on 600 W, approaching from North Temple to the south.

Entries 28-54 Must Enter Staging Area from 200 S on 500 W and then turn West onto 100 South.


The Parade Marshals will direct each entry to their lineup spot in the staging area. Entries stationed on the left side of the road, please pull ALL the way to the left.  If you are stationed on the right, pull ALL the way to the right.  Stationed center, please be in the middle of the road in a neat line.  This will form 2 lanes both one way into the staging area allowing other entries to be placed.  West Dansey Drive will only have one row of entrants, please pull all the way to the right leaving room for other entries to pass you on the left.  Drivers of vehicles please remain available if Marshals need to reposition you to accommodate placement of other entries. All drivers, DRIVE SLOW, in staging area.  We have dogs, kids, and the Irish to be careful of!!! Be patient, Be courteous, Don’t be late.  Upon arrival, immediately send one member of your group to the Registration Desk, located at intersection of 600 West and 100 South.  Check in with our Lead Marshal, Tim Clark, and get your parade entry placard. Entry number placards MUST be visibly posted on your entry. Display with Pride and communicate to all your friends and family what number you are so they are sure not to miss you in the procession. Promptly at 11:00 am, the Parade will proceed with elegant precision down the left side of 200 South, heading east and turning left (north) onto Rio Grande Street.  The parade terminates at 50 N (the end of the Gateway)



At the termination of the parade, ALL parade VEHICLES with passengers to unload turn LEFT.  Vehicles with no passengers to unload turn RIGHT and follow normal traffic rules entering onto 400 West.


MARCHERS please turn RIGHT. (Exception for those needing to stay with vehicles to collect wee passengers at unloading area.)  Proceed to 400 W, turn right on the sidewalk and enter the Siamsa festival via the path on the northside of the Grand Hall or through the Grand Hall entry doors on 400 West.  The John Welsh Memorial Bar also known as the John Welsh Snug as well as Traditional Irish food from Miles Grill served in the Grand Hall!



PASSENGER UNLOADING will occur back in the STAGING AREA on 100 South per direction of SLC police.


A few important rules:

NO ITEMS may be handed out or thrown to spectators along the line of march.  This is a rule for the safety of spectators.NO ITEMS and ESPECIALLY ALCOHOL may be passed INTO the line of march.  If you are in the parade, you MUST wait until you are through the line of procession to obtain a drink.  This is especially important because we are running the parade through our Siamsa where alcohol is legally being served.  It is not legal or safe for you to drink while participating as an entrant in the parade.  Celebrate your accomplishment when you round the bend…there will be bars at each entrance. All parade entrants must finish the parade and enter the Siamsa at designated entrances (either from 400 West through the Grand Hall or on 100 S and 500 W if you are coming from the staging area/passenger drop off).  ALL music played from your vehicles along the parade route must be Irish music.


Your cooperation is greatly appreciated. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your entry please contact Parade Entry Coordinator Meghan Gibson at hiberniansocietyofutah@gmail.com.